About us

India Based Company

Yumkar Food International (P) Limited has been committed to enriching the lives of customers by providing a range of high-quality Food & Agro products.

Our key focus is on delivering quality, and to that end, we have a technically advanced system that works in accordance with time-tested business processes across our 2 plants. To cater to the food & Agro requirements of a greater number of farmers & families, we are always on the lookout for markets waiting to be discovered.

We conjointly promote property farming practices that square measure economically viable, environmentally friendly, strengthen our communities and shield the health of gift and future generations.

YUMKAR is an extensive group that has a worldwide vision, without leaving aside the nearby needs.

Our Products

We classify our products under the following categories:

  • Foods: This category includes staples, groceries, fruits & vegetables, snacks & processed foods, dairy & frozen products, beverages and confectionery.
  • Non-Foods (FMCG): This category includes home care products, personal care and toiletries and other over the counter products.
  • Agriculture : This category includes Fertilizers, Bio stimulant, Fungicide, Pesticide, Insecticide, Anti virus, Spreader etc.


UAE Based Company (Our Foreign Company)


Business Activity 

1. Ecommerce ( Only UAE )

2.  General Trading (Working Globally)

3. Basic Industrial Chemicals Trading (Outside UAE - Working Globally)

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