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CALCIUM NITRATE 18.5%, N 15.5%

1. Calcium is an important secondary nutrient for the growth of plants. Calcium Nitrate is an excellent source of calcium for crops.

2. In case of Calcium deficiency, and in acidic soils. It has a significant effect on crop growth, production as well as on quality.

3. It enhances the quality and prolonged shelf life of the produce in most of the crops.

4. It helps in the formation of new branches in plants, flowering, and fruit development, and helps to prevent fruit drop.


Calcium Nitrate contains 15.5% Nitrogen and 18.5% Calcium.

2. It can be used as a basal application and as foliar spray also.

3. Useful for all crops i.e. Cereals / Legumes / Vegetables / Fruits/ Vegetables etc.

4. In addition to Calcium, it also increased the availability of Nitrogen to the crops




Suitable for all crops- All pulses, cereal, vegetable and horticulture crops.


Calcium Nitrate can be used as a foliar spray, soil application, or drip.

1. Soil application- It can be used in the range of 20 to 50 kg per acre as a basal application at sowing or at first irrigation. It can also be used at the time of growth and flowering as per the production capacity of the crop.

2. Spray- Calcium Nitrate can be sprayed in crops from pre- flowering to fruits formation. For spraying in a standing crop, use 5-10 grams of Calcium Nitrate per liter of water. It can be sprayed 2 or 3 times as per requirement at 10-15 days interval.


Bulk Neutral bags & in Yumkar Brand (25 Kg Bags), 10kg bag


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