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• SAFAYA is a combination of vitamin & enzymes and botanical extract, which protects plants from bacteria and virus; it is capable of breaking the chemical bonds of the outer cell wall of the bacteria and virus.

• SAFAYA has true activity against bacteria and virus leading to long term protection of crop from bacterial and viral infection.

• SAFAYA is 100% toxic free product. Its uses are environmentally safe.

• SAFAYA has also additional feature of in stimulation of plant growth & development with nutritional advantages and growth benefits.

• SAFAYA is appropriately designed for modern held application with flexible use in conventional & organic cropping system.

• SAFAYA works as preventive as well as curative.

• It offers better stress tolerance capacity against variety of stresses hence increasing the plants survival rate

• Stimulates rapid stem and root growth


1. Recommended Crop - it is recommended for all drops that are affected by virus like - like Cereals, Vegetable, top fruits, spices and medicinal crop etc.

2. Recommended Dosage - 1 ml in 1 ltr Water.

3. Mode Of Application - Foliar application.

4. Time Of Application - Preferably after 25-30 days of transplant.

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