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SKY 90 is a non-toxic, environmental friendly silicone surfactant /adjutants designed for Agrochemicals spray mixture liquid such as pesticide, bactericide, herbicide, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulator, etc.

The functional advantage of silicate in agrochemicals are :

1) SKY 90 is very effective in agrochemicals applications under humid and wet weather condition. It is designed as a dual action spray adjuvant, providing both excellent spreading and sticking performance during agrochemical application on different crops.

2) SKY 90 can quickly and thoroughly enhance the agro-chemical’s penetrability, dispersity, absorption, transportation on the plant. The spreading area and speed of the agro-chemicals on the leaf of plant can be increased greatly specially to those leaves with waxy surface.

3) SKY 90 can increase the agro-chemical’s spraying area, thus which can save the dosage of agrochemi cal by 20-30%, reduce agro-chemical’s spraying amount and ultimately save cost and protect our environment.

4) SKY 90 can be use in spray mixture liquid such as pesticide, bactericide, herbicide, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulator, etc. 5) SKY 90 can be also use in original formulation of pesticides because it has good compatibility with pesticides

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE : For spraying mixture in drum /tank Add SKY 90 3-5 ml in every 15 litter spraying liquid. In general, the amount of silicate to be added in spraying mixture are as follows: 1) Plant promote regulator: 0.025%-0.05%

2) Herbicide : 0.025%-0.15%

3) Pesticide: 0.025%-0.1%

4) Bactericide: 0.015%-0.05%

5) Fertilizer and trace element: 0.015%-0.1%

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE : For original formulation of pesticides : SKY 90 is compatible with pesticides, adding SKY 90 to the original formulations of pesticide; we suggest the amount is 0.5%-8%. Adjust the PH value of the pesticide prescription to 6-8. The user should adjust the amount of Silicate according to different kinds of pesticide and prescription to reach the most effective and most economical result. Do compatibility tests and stepwise tests before usage.

METHOD OF USAGE : First dissolve the pesticide, add SKY 90 after the uniform mixture of 80% water, then add water to 100% and mix them uniformly. It is advised that when using the adjuvant, the water amount reduced to 1/2 of the normal (suggested) or 2/3, average pesticide usage reduced to 70-80% of the normal. Using the small aperture nozzle will quicken the spray speed

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