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Total Sulphur (as S) % by weight minimum - 90

• Good source of Sulphur.

• Easy in application.

• Valid and farmers affordable/friendly price.



• Useful for all crops specially for oilseeds & legume crops.

• It increases production and quality of the crop produce.

    It increases oil content in oilseed crops.

• It ensure availability of Sulphur to the crops for a longer period.



• It can be use by soil application at the time sowing or at first irrigation.

• Application doses in general for cereals @ 8-10 kg/Acre; in Potato, Pulses Legumes, Oilseeds, Onion, vegetables @ 12-15 Kg/Acre; In fruit Crops @ 10-12 Kg/Acre.

• However, dose of application is depends on crop as well recommendation as per Soil Test Report.

• Application can be made through Broadcasting/Band/Line/spot application ets.

• Time of application: As per recommendation in crops, It can be applied at the time of land preparation, sowing of seeds, puddling, transplanting etc.


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