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Y-COPSULPH (Copper Sulphate 24%)

  • Copper sulphate can help prevent certain root diseases in plants, promoting healthier root systems and facilitating growth.
  • Copper sulphate can help in maintaining the pH balance of the soil, creating an optimal environment for root growth.
  • Copper is an essential micronutrient for plants, and copper sulphate provides a source of this micronutrient.
  • Copper sulphate possesses antifungal properties, protecting the roots from harmful fungi that could impede growth.
  • Copper sulphate can help plants cope with stressors like drought, excessive heat, or environmental pollution, ultimately promoting healthier and more resilient growth.
  • Copper sulphate helps regulate the pH of the soil, creating an environment conducive to nutrient absorption and root health. Copper, as a micronutrient, facilitates the absorption of essential nutrients by the roots, promoting better nutrient uptake and utilization.
  • Benefits: Copper Sulphate 24% keeps plants health greener and very attractive.
  • Copper Sulphate 24% resists disease and activities the absorption of other nutrients in the soil. Provides nutrients requirement and correct Copper Sulphate 24% deficiency.



Direction for use: For Foliar spray Dissolve 500 g in 200 litre of water and spray literally on both the surfaces of leaves.

Spray Schedule. During the cropping period after 30 days of germination or transplantation. Give to foliar sprays with an interval of 20-25 days. In case of cotton, three sprays which will be helpful in controlling red leaf disease.

Symptoms Copper Sulphate 24% deficiency symptoms are red leaf in cotton and in other plants interval chlorides of older leaves in which veins remain green and interveinal area turns yellow, leaves drop premature.

Instruction: 1. For spraying application do not apply more than the recommended dose. 2. Spraying should in the early morning or during sunset. 3. Do not spray in direct sunlight and when plant stress condition.

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