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  • Y-MYCO ia a granular bio-fertilizer contains Vesicular Arabuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) is a granular product containing several beneficial natural substances that help in the development of root and profuse root branching by enhancing water nutrient availability to the crops.
  • The mycorrhizal biofertilizer helps plant protection from many soil-borne infections, reduces transplantation and acidic shock, and so on. All of these aspects evenly contribute to the increase in crop yield.
  • VAM is commonly referred to as biofertilizers. VAM, as natural root symbionts, supply essential plant inorganic nutrients to host plants, improving growth and yield in both unstressed and stressed conditions. VAM's role as a mycorrhiza biofertilizer has the potential to improve plants' adaptability to changing environments.
  • Target crops- cereal, pulses, vegetable crop, horticulture crops.
  • How to use-Application:- At the time of final tillage, sowing or transplanting, apply this mycorrhiza biofertilizer in the land at the rate of 4 kg per acre


1. it can easily absorb unmixed phosphorus and other ingredients

2. The high reaction softens and refreshes the roots due to its high spore count

3. Mycorrhiza-based biofertilizers use large quantities of phosphorus

within their hyphae and release it into the root tissues of plants that have accumulated.


4. The use of mycorrhizal biofertilizer offers a reduction in chemical fertilizers.

5. It increases the plant's survival rate as it works as a stress tolerance capacity against a variety of soil strains.

6. Solubilize and help in the translocation of Phosphorous, Micronutrients such as Zinc and Iron from soil to plants.

7. Save up to 25% Chemical Phosphatic Fertilizers.


8. Helpful in increasing the yield and increases photosynthesis hence improving plant growth.

9. Helps in better absorption of moisture thereby helping plants tide over water stress conditions.

10. Produces plant growth hormones resulting in better growth of plants.

11. It improves soil structure & texture, improving and maintaining soil fertility.

-Returnable Authentic Products

12. Prevents infestation of plant pathogenic nematodes and fungi.


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